The NEW Legends of Blues All Stars™

(L-R) Eddie Kobeck, Steve Guyger, Piano Willie, Billy Flynn
(front) Eddie Taylor Jr, Bob Stoger
"Legends For Hire"
  • An All Star Package With 6 Great Blues Recording Artists
  • 6 Great Artists With Direct Links To The Architects Of Chicago Blues History.
  • Six Great Artists Carrying On The Lost Art Of Post War Traditional Electric Blues Playing In The Classic Chicago Blues Style
  • 6 Great Artists All Playing And Singing At The Top Of Their Game
  • 6 Great Artists Who Are Among The Last Purveyors Of The Authentic Style Of Chicago Blues Playing In The World Today.

The New Legends Of Blues will bring pleasure to discriminating listeners by bringing together an assemblage of modern day All Stars steeped in the deepest traditions of post war electric Chicago Blues. Rare playing with subtlety and nuance crafted with such seminal figures of Blues as Jimmy Rogers, The Legendary Blues Band, Johnny Littlejohn, Eddie Taylor, James Cotton, Sunnyland Slim and Otis Rush.Their individual recordings have been among the best traditional Blues releases in recent years and together they represent hundreds of years of hard traditional Blues dues paying with the masters and pioneers of an all too rare and dying sub-genre of Blues. A virtual feast and festival of the Art of Traditional Blues.

Individually and cumulatively these All Stars have few peers, if any, in the high art performance of this musical art form. It is a distinct pleasure to present to you The New Legends Of Blues. The embodiment of the highest standards of Traditional Blues Performance.

Critics Choice Artists:

Steve Guyger - Harp & Vocals - Severn Records Records artist is considered by many to be one of the greatest Harp men of the last 30 years. Real Blues Magazine gave him the Canadian Blues Award as Top Harp Player. A long time Alumni of the legendary Jimmy Rogers Band, none other then William Clarke called Steve "The greatest harp player I've ever seen".

Critics say:

"As a master of traditional harp stylings, he has few equals... but working within a tradition doesn't have to mean repeating stale licks: Guyger always manages to find something new and surprising to play over time-tested grooves ... this only makes his subtle twists and textural nuances more interesting... he is also a fine unaffected singer."

Blues Review Magazine

"One of the great harp players of today who easily ranks with the likes of Charlie Musselwhite, Rod Piazza and Kim Wilson of the Thunderbirds."

Wisconsin Blues Society

Eddie Taylor Jr. - Guitar & Vocals - Wolf Records Artist - Learned the essence of great Chicago Blues guitar playing from the great master Eddie Taylor Sr. Eddie Taylor Jr. Toured with his father and in All Star Shows with Jimmy Rogers, and Johnny Littlejohn.

Critics say:

"His playing was so earthy, exciting and just plain gut bucket. It was like he would channel the ghosts of his father and Jimmy Reed into his hands and voice. It actually brought tears to the eyes of the Legendary Sam Lay who worked for years and years with Eddie's father".

The Wisconsin Blues Society

Billy Flynn - Vocals, Guitar, Slide-guitar, National Steel Resonator guitar, 12 String, Lap Steel, Harp, Piano, Mandolin. - Easy Baby Recording artist Billy Flynn is the first call blues guitarist/multi instrumentalist for Chicago Blues studio work and the bands of Otis Rush, Jimmy Dawkins, The Legendary Blues Band, and Jimmy Rogers. A smooth vocalist and a multiple threat instrumentalist on guitar, slide guitar (in many tunings), mandolin, and harp. Few players have the grasp of as many traditional styles on guitar and harp as Billy Flynn. Add to that his deep mastery of mandolin where he channels the playing of Johnny Young and Yank Rachell.

Critics say:

"... an encyclopedic guitarist with impeccable taste, panache and fire playing in a multitude of styles ranking with the likes of Duke Robillard, Jr. Watson and Charlie Batey".

Wisconsin Blues Society

"Billy is now rated as one of the top blues guitar stylists around"

Tony Burke Blues & Rhythm Magazine/England

Piano Willie - Vocals & Keys - Ichiban and J-Bird Records. One of the great Spann-esque stylists of today, Piano Willie honed his craft with the likes of Jimmy Rogers, James Cotton, The Legendary Blues Band and William Clarke.

Critics say:

"Man... he is a great Spann style player."

William Clarke

"You hear the masters when Willie plays...Spann, Sunnyland Slim, Big Maceo, they're all there with gut-wrenching feeling and nuance in both his live appearances and recordings".

Tell It Like It Is Blues Newspaper

Bob Stroger - Vocals & Bass - CrossCut Records Recording Artist, has been one half of some of the worlds greatest blues rhythm sections, the Handy Award winning "Best Bassist" and low down blues singer mastered his craft with a who's who of blues pioneers including Jimmy Rogers, Elmore James, Otis Rush, Sunnyland Slim, The Legendary Blues Band, and many many more.

Critics Say:

"When Bob Stroger is in the rhythm section you'll be listening to one of the great bottom sounds of all time...great vocalist too."

Tell It Like It Is Blues Newspaper

"The best pure Blues bassist in the World"

Bob Koester Delmark Records

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