The Bottom of The Top

Album Cover
Playboy Records – 1973
(Reissued on Hightone Records – 1989)
Song List
I Cant Lose (With The Stuff I Use)
Tin Pan Alley  
Hello Central
Hello My Darling  
Laughing & Clowning  
Crazy Girl  
It's All In Your Mind
The Bottom Of The Top  
Hey, Hey, Baby's Gone  
Cryin' Time
Phillip Walker (guitar,vocals)
Dennis Walker, Charles Jones, Curtis Johnson (bass)
Johnny Tucker, Glen McTeer (drums)
Nat Dove, Teddy Reynolds, Arthur Woods,
   Teddy Vaughn (keys)
Bea Bopp Walker (vocals)
Freeman Lacy, Samuel Cross, Ike Williams, David Li,
   Joel Peskin, Chops Anthony, Sammy Coleman
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