Lone Star Shootout

Album Cover
Alligator Records (ALCD4866) – 1999
Song List
Roll, Roll, Roll
A Little More Time
Feel Good Doin' Bad
Street Walking Woman
You're Playing Hooky
Quit My Baby
It's Mighty Crazy
Two Trains Running
Boogie Rambler
Bon Ton Roulet
Alligators Around My Door
This Should Go On Forever
Born in Louisiana
I Can't Stand it No More
I Met The Blues In Person
Phillip Walker, Lonnie Brooks, Long John Hunter,
   and Ervin Charles (guitar, vocals)
Derek O'Brien (rhythm guitar)
David Torkanowsky and Riley Osborne
   (piano, organ, and rhythm guitar)
Marcia Ball (piano),
Larry Fulcher (bass)
B.E. "Frosty" Smith (drums and percussion)
Mike Buck (drums)
John "Mambo" Tranor (rubboard)
Mark "Kaz" Kazanoff (Tenor and Baritone saxophone,
   horn arrangements and harmonica)
Ernest Youngblood, Jr., Red Rails,
   and John Mills (Baritone sax)
Les Izmore (Tenor Sax)
Gary Slechta and Frank Vert (trumpet)
Randy Zimmerman and Mike Mordecai (trombone)
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